Sensor Cleaning

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A Clean Sensor Means More Time Shooting And Less Time “Retouching”

No matter how careful you are about changing lenses and handling your DSLR camera, dust will eventually make it’s way inside and find a home on your camera’s sensor. If your camera has the buzz and shake feature(a.k.a. automatic sensor cleaning) it will prolong the need for a manual cleaning… but not prevent one.

Checking for a dirty sensor is a fairly quick and easy thing to do. Set your camera at ISO 100 or 200. Using f/16 in Aperture Priority (Av) mode, take a shot of a blue sky or white sheet of paper. To help see the dust easier try underexposing 1 stop and dial the lens completely out of focus. If your test shot shows a bunch of dark, fuzzy spots like the image below, you probably would want to clean your sensor.

To properly clean a sensor you’ll need a blower, swabs, cleaning fluid and a high-quality sensor “scope”. Sensor cleaning also takes a fair amount of experience… which is why most people have us do it for them. We offer same-day or next-day service, depending upon what time you bring your camera in. Cleaning of the external optics of your lenses is included in the price.

  • APS-C Sized Sensor – $49.95
  • Full-Frame Sensor Camera – $69.95
Before and after cleaning