Leading Lines

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Congratulations To The Winners!

As usual, there were many great images entered in our latest photo contest. Bob Huntington took first place in the color category and Cheryl Philopena took first in black-and-white. Great job and congratulations to both of them… and to the rest of the winners.”

“Leading Lines”

The Theme

Leading lines are one of the most popular compositional elements that we can use to draw the viewer’s eye through a photograph. The strength of the image may be the leading lines itself … but many times leading lines are used to draw the viewer’s attention to the main subject. Popular examples are images using man-made elements such as railroad tracks, roads, pathways, fences, etc. … but don’t forget to also look at nature for your contest images. Leading lines are not only part of the man-made world but are also found in many natural scenes and subjects such as rivers, streams, trees, shorelines, etc. As always, be creative and “work” the subject to get the best possible image.


This is a print competition with two categories – color and black-and-white. Digital Infrared images will be accepted in both categories, however, entries that are not Infrared must show no obvious signs of digital enhancement or manipulation. HDR images are acceptable as long as HDR was used to reduce the contrast range of the scene/subject … and are not “artistic” HDR iamges.

The Rules

Entry Deadline is March 22, 2013
Judging will be on March 23, 2013 at 8:30am at the store – All are welcome to attend!

Print sizes from 8X10 up to 18X24 will be accepted
Maximum 4 entries per category per person
Prints must be mounted, matted, or mounted and matted – no frames, please
You must have your name and phone number or email address on the back of each entry

The Prizes (Photo Connection Gift Certificates)

First Place Each Category – $75
Second Place Each Category – $45
Third Place Each Category – $20
(There will be Four Honorable Mention Awards in each Category)


As always, we take the utmost care when handling your entries, but cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage. We also reserve the right to display the winning entries on our website at a low resolution … with your copyright added if you prefer.

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