Basic Photography Class 101

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Class Schedule:   TBA

In this class you’ll learn what you “need” to know to get great photos with your single-lens-reflex, or other type camera that has a manual settings feature. Knowing how to set your camera manually and how the settings affect your final image will greatly improve your photography. It will also help you better understand the camera’s “auto” modes and enable you to use them more effectively.

Here is some of what is covered:

  • Camera Handling & Care
  • Shutter Speed: Stopping Action & Using Motion Blur
  • Aperture: Controlling Depth of Field
  • ISO Setting: How & Why Do You Change It
  • Lens Focal Length & Lens Filters
  • Composition: The “Rule of Thirds” & Much More
  • White Balance: Understanding the “Color” of Light

Whether you’re a beginner or looking for a refresher to “fine-tune” your photography skills… this is a class that you’ll want to take.

The class fee is $150 for the five evenings of the session. If you purchased your camera from us and have a $30 Off coupon please use the promotional code “30-OFF” when registering.