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Our new SIGMA USB DOCK accessory and exclusive software
let you personalize the specification of your new Sigma lenses
With our new lines of interchangeable lenses, the SIGMA USB DOCK accessory and
exclusive SIGMA Optimization Pro software let photographers update lens firmware
and customize focus position and other parameters. Simply connect the lens to a
computer with the SIGMA USB DOCK and use the simple on-screen controls to create
personal lens specifications. For Sports lenses, it is possible to select the autofocus
speed and adjust the focus limiter and Optical Stabilizer (OS) function.
This proprietary Sigma service lets you use your cherished
Sigma lenses for many years to come
We at Sigma understand that, to a photographer, a lens is not only a key device for
photographic expression but also a valuable asset. We’d like our customers to be
able to use the lens systems they have carefully put together for as long as possible.
Leveraging our expertise in manufacturing lenses with our own integrated production
system, we are proud to present our new Mount Conversion Service. In this fee-based
service, we will convert the mounts of your Sigma lenses to another mount system,
allowing you to use your prized lenses with the camera system of your choice.
In our manufacturing activities, we aim for sustainable growth
and the highest standard of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
The history of our Aizu factory, our sole production base, is also the history of Sigma
itself. From the moment we first conceived the idea of setting up a factory in Aizu, we
have aimed to grow and develop as a member of the local community. We believe that
when a company sets up a business base, it has an economic and cultural respon-
sibility to the local community from that time onward. The global market may be the
principal focus of our business, but our attention to responsibility begins at home.
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