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Inspecting each and every lens with our proprietary Foveon-based
A1 MTF measuring system, we deliver premium quality
There are three requirements for outstanding lenses: fine design, precise manufac-
turing and inspection that ensures compliance with all specifications. Sigma lenses
are born of outstanding design concepts and excellent manufacturing technology.
But they’re not complete until they undergo our uncompromising lens performance
evaluation. We've developed our own A1 proprietary MTF (modulation transfer func-
tion) measuring system using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. Even pre-
viously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of our quality
control inspections. We check each and every lense in our new lines before we ship it.
Thanks to our ultra-high-resolution sensors, you enjoy ultra-high-performance.
You , ll find our philosophy and craftsmanship in every product
Our new lineup fully expresses our approach to lenses and photography itself. All of our lenses belong to one of
three lines—Contemporary, Art, or Sports—all of which share our development philosophy and advanced manu-
facturing system. High performance, high quality, and high end in every respect, these lenses give people who love
photography lasting value and consistent, exciting results. The secret is our passion for craftsmanship that we put
into every production process and every product.
“Made in Japan” craftsmanship is what makes our lenses high-performance,
high-quality, and high-end
Apart from a handful of processes, we manufacture our lenses in house. We grind
lenses, mold plastic parts, painting, mount substrates, perform assembly, and even
manufacture screws, many other parts, and molds. With this integrated system, we
produce all of our interchangeable lenses, cameras, and strobes at our Aizu facto-
ry. In fact, we are now one of the very few manufacturers whose products are solely
made in Japan. We like to think our products are somehow imbued with the essence
of our homeland, blessed as it is with great natural beauty and focused, hard-working
people. We pride ourselves on the authentic quality of Sigma products, which are born
of a marriage between highly attuned expertise and intelligent, advanced technology.
Our sophisticated products have satisfied professionals and lovers of photography all
over the world, since our manufacturing is based on genuine craftsmanship, under-
pinned by the passion and pride of our experts.
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