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Sigma presents a new way of looking at lenses
When you're taking photos, your lens is critical to capturing the desired image. Changing your lens changes the
photos you take. By selecting and changing the lens to suit the purpose and the situation, the photographer creates
a personal camera system that serves his or her specific needs. This is the system we know as the SLR camera, and
its performance depends on lens selection. Over the decades, Sigma has contributed to the art of photography by
developing some of the world’s finest lenses. Now, with our new lens lineup, you can transform not just your photo-
graphs but yourself as a photographer.
We've grouped our new lens models into three product lines: Contemporary, Art, and Sports. Each line has been
assigned a clearly defined concept. From now on, all our products will be developed and presented in terms of how
they embody these three concepts. Since digital SLR cameras are becoming increasingly multifunctional and di-
verse, we want to help photographers get the most out of their DLSR cameras and enjoy photography even more.
Sigma may be a small company, but we're determined to effect some big changes. And this is just the beginning.
Contemporary, Art, Sports: three lines, perfect order
Having taken our lenses to a new level of performance, Sigma has adopted a simple product identification strategy
that makes it easy for users to identify the kind of lens for which they are looking. Building on this idea, we've reor-
ganized all our lenses into three product lines, each characterized by its own clearly defined concept. From now on,
every new lens we develop will be assigned to one of these product lines. Now finding the right lens is easier than ever.
Featuring the very latest technology and
combining optical performance with com-
pactness, our high-performance Contem-
porary line covers a wide range of needs.
Designed with a focus on sophisticated
optical performance and abundant expres-
sive power, our Art line delivers high-level
artistic expression.
Featuring sophisticated optical perfor-
mance and expressiveness, our Sports line
lenses deliver high action-capture per-
formance, enabling photographers to get
exactly the shots they want.
Standard zoom lenses
Telephoto zoom lenses
High-magnification zoom lenses
Large-aperture prime lenses
Wide-angle lenses
Ultra-wide-angle lenses
Macro lenses
Fisheye lenses
Telephoto lenses
Telephoto zoom lenses
Super telephoto lenses
Super telephoto zoom lenses
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