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Accessory for all new Sigma lines
Software for all new Sigma lines
By connecting a Sigma Art, Contemporary, or Sports lens to a computer with the
SIGMA USB DOCK, photographers can update the lens firmware and adjust focus
position and other parameters. Exclusive SIGMA Optimization Pro software makes
customization easy. For Sports lenses, it is possible to select the autofocus speed
and adjust the focus limiter and Optical Stabilizer (OS) function.
UPC code
Sigma: 0085126-878566
Nikon: 0085126-878559
Canon: 0085126-878542
Exclusive SIGMA Optimization Pro software can customize the following settings:
Focus position adjustment screen
Art, Contemporary, and Sports
Lens firmware update:
Users can connect to the Internet via the SIGMA USB DOCK and a computer to download
the latest lens firmware from Sigma.
Focus setting:
Multiple focus setting options are available: 4 categories for fixed focal length lenses, and 16 cate-
gories (4 options for focal length x 4 options for shooting distance) for zoom lenses.
Sports line only
AF speed selection:
Three AF speed modes are available.
Focus limiter adjustment:
Any value in the AF drive range may be selected.
OS adjustment:
Three OS (Optical Stabilizer) adjustment modes are available to match photographic subjects.
SIGMA Optimization Pro for Windows and SIGMA Optimization Pro for Macintosh may be downloaded from the fol-
lowing link:
Operating conditions:
- Core2Duo or faster processor
- Windows 7 or Windows 8
- 1GB of available hard drive space
- 24-bit graphics card (approximately 16.7 million colors)
- 1,024 x 768 or higher screen resolution
- USB 1.1 as standard
Mac OS
Operating conditions:
- Mac OS X Version 10.7 or 10.8 and Intel Core Processor
- 1GB of RAM
- 1GB of available hard disk space
- 24-bit or higher graphics card
- 1,024 x 768 or higher screen resolution.
- USB 1.1 as standard.
SIGMA Optimization Pro
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