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By default, almost all backpacks require being placed on the ground or other
surface to gain access to its contents. However, backpacks are a force to be
reckoned with when you need to carry a heavy kit or big telephoto lenses. By
pairing your backpack with a Modular Component System and belt, you can
expand capacity, provide greater support at the waist, and gain faster access
to your gear.
Our backpacks also allow you to carry a monopod or tripod hands-free, a feature
that few of the other shooting solutions offer.
Modular Component Systems
Worn on one of our three different styles of belts, Modular Components allow
you to customize your carrying capacity on the go. You can carry as little as one
extra pouch for a speedlight or multiple pouches for multiple camera bodies,
extra lenses, batteries and other accessories. Many of the belts can also be
connected to a number of our backpacks, providing quick access to gear that
would otherwise be in the backpack while also providing better weight distribution
between your shoulders and waist.
We hope this guide helps you better
your gear, assists you while you
and helps you have a more successful
Please contact us, the
Think Tank Customer Service Team
, with any questions
you may have. We’re a small, specialized team of photographers that are not
paid on commission and we’re here to assist you with all sales and technical
questions you may have regarding our products.
Modular Component System
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