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Shoulder Bags
Shoulder bags have long been the workhorse of enthusiasts and professional
photographers alike. Most can be worn over one shoulder or across the chest
messenger bag-style. With the shoulder strap across your chest, it’s easy to slide
the bag from your front, side or to your back so it’s out of the way while you’re
shooting. When timing is everything, it’s easy to position the bag in front of you
for quick access.
If you’re planning on wearing a shoulder bag for an extended period of time,
it’s important to keep the weight of the bag down by only carrying the items that
you absolutely need on the shoot. We also recommend switching the strap from
shoulder to shoulder as needed.
Sling Bags
Sling bags offer the same conveniences of a conventional shoulder bag as you
can position the bag in front of you for easy gear access without removing the
bag from your shoulder. They often have a wide shoulder strap that can offer
additional comfort.
We’re big fans of beltpacks. Our beltpacks can either be worn on the waist with
their included waist belts, or the belts can be stowed and you can now use it as a
shoulder bag. When needed, you can also use the shoulder strap while wearing
the beltpack on your waist to better distribute the weight. Beltpacks are a great
solution for those with neck or shoulder injuries, too.
Beltpacks have a few other advantages over shoulder bags. They can be
positioned anywhere along your waist, and they stay put! A shoulder bag is more
likely to swing around, which means it might get in the way and if you’re moving
around a lot, it can get tiring. Many of our beltpacks have a formed shape, meaning
they’re not as soft-sided or collapsible as our shoulder bags. This means zero fuss
getting your gear in and out of the bag, as the bag doesn’t deform when opened.
The waist belts on our beltpacks also have unique rails that let you add additional
lens and gear pouches for greater capacity. See our Modular Component System
page to view or purchase compatible accessories.
Shoulder Bags
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