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Consider Shipping Your Gear in Certain Situations
There are a few reasons why you might want to ship your gear to
your destination like if you simply have more gear than you can take
on board with you. Also, it may be a safer alternative when you have
complicated travel plans requiring many connections. Airlines offer very
little insurance for lost or damaged gear. When using a shipping carrier,
such as FedEx, you can insure your gear for its true value. We speak
with many hired, professional photographers that travel all around the
world and a number will only ship their gear when traveling to certain
international destinations.
Once you’re at your destination or on location, you may need an
additional bag or carrying system to work from. While rolling camera
bags and backpacks are great for travel, they can be tricky or
inconvenient to work out of if you need quick access to your equipment.
This section will help you choose a shooting bag or other solution.
Choosing the Right Bag for the Job
Whether you’re a photojournalist, sports, commercial, wedding, nature or
travel photographer, it’s essential that you choose a bag that’s both easy
to work from and is comfortable. Many photographers have a selection
of different bags to suit specific shooting requirements. Obviously if
you’re carrying large telephoto lenses, it’s likely you’re going to work
out of your transport bag unlike someone with a kit consisting of smaller
Need for Discretion?
Many of our bags do not have the appearance of a typical camera
bag. This strategic design element can be vital when you need to be
inconspicuous and protect your gear from prying eyes. We feel that the
less attention you draw to yourself the less likely you will be the victim of
theft. If working in areas that are known tourist spots where theft is often
most likely to occur, we recommend that you have a person with you that
can help watch your surroundings for anything suspicious. This allows
you to work without worrying, resulting in better photographs.
Airport TakeOff Roller
Airport Accelerator Backpack
Airport TakeOff Roller and the
Urban Disguise 60 V2.0 Shoulder Bag
Airport Backpacks (Commuter, Accelerator & Essentials)
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