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Additional Tips and Tricks for Packing a Shoulder Bag
or Beltpack
• Attempt to pack the bag so the center of gravity keeps the
bag balanced when you hold the bag up by the center of the
shoulder strap pad. This may mean adjusting both the gear
inside of the bag and the strap until you are satisfied with
the balance of the bag.
• Use two of the reinforced large dividers to support the
camera body and lens combination. Position the dividers
vertically within the bag so that the camera with lens
attached, points straight down with the LCD display
and view finder flush with the rim of bag. Doing so should
optimally keep the lens from touching the bottom of the
bag under normal conditions or provide cushioning when
the bag is placed on the ground.
• Position the two primary dividers so they touch both the left
and right sides of the largest diameter lens you are carrying
in the bag when attached to the camera. This will maximize
the additional space in the bag and reduce the effort
needed to stow your gear.
• Some of our bags include packets of smaller, more flexible
dividers. Use these dividers to further customize the layout
of your bag by creating additional partitions and shelves
when you need to stack smaller lenses. When creating
“shelves” using the smaller dividers, make sure the
hook-n-loop flaps are pointing up for maximum grip.
• If you’re using a deep bag with a relatively small camera
and lens combination, use this same “shelf” technique
beneath the lens to help keep the camera higher in the
bag for easy access.
Shoulder Bags are Soft, so Use a Soft Touch
Set your shoulder bag down on hard surfaces with care. Protect your gear investment by keeping
in mind that no practical amount of bag padding will protect its contents if carelessly dropped onto
a hard surface.
General Divider Tips
Our camera bags are equipped with removable dividers so they can be arranged for your specific
gear. Our dividers are designed to effectively separate and protect gear while allowing for advanced
configuration methods such as double stacking smaller lenses and accessories. They can be bent to fit
around gear, so you should not feel confined to square grids.
CityWalker Shoulder Bag in Blue Slate
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