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Carrying a Shoulder Bag as Your Second Carry-On Item
Serves Two Purposes
A shoulder bag is often the solution for sticky weight hassles,
gives you easy access to your laptop, tablet or documents
while in the air, and also serves as a shooting solution once
you reach your destination.
TIP: Check with your airline to make sure all legs of your trip allow
for two carry-on items before considering taking a second bag.
Many European, intra-continental flights, as well as others do not
allow for more than one carry-on item.
Weight Can Quickly Equate to Fatigue
When carrying any type of bag, only load as much gear in
the bag as you can comfortably carry. Having a shoulder bag
loaded to 20 lbs/9 kg might be okay for short distances, but
would be uncomfortable for most people while walking or
working with it for longer periods of time. Only carry as little
as you need, as it’s difficult to shoot when you’re fighting a
heavy bag or are tired from having carried it long distances.
“I’d better bring this just in case…” often leads to over-packing
shoulder bags.
Shoulder Bag Alternatives
If you need to carry more weight than you can comfortably do
so with a shoulder bag, consider using a rolling bag instead.
If terrain and other obstacles keep you from using a rolling
bag, then a backpack is likely the best option. Backpacks are
not ideal for quick shooting as access to gear is cumbersome,
but they are a comfortable alternative to shoulder bags as the
weight can be distributed across both shoulders and waist.
Beltpacks can be a very comfortable option for your overflow
and shooting bag. Getting the weight off your shoulders and
onto your waist can be a life-altering experience for those that
are used to working out of shoulder bags and have shoulder
or neck problems. Beltpacks also reduce general fatigue and
make accessing your gear very fast and easy. Our beltpacks’
waist belts can be stowed away for times when you’d rather use the bag as a shoulder bag.
The included shoulder strap can also be used in conjunction with the waist belt to distribute the
weight between your waist and shoulders per your preference.
Packing a Shoulder Bag or Beltpack
The gear you’re taking with you dictates the packing configurations with smaller bags, such as shoulder
bags and beltpacks. Our bags come with the dividers pre-positioned, centered and spaced in the most
typical configuration (camera and lens pointing down with the rear LCD facing up). It’s likely you’ll need
to adjust both the primary dividers and then add additional dividers for separation or stacking of lenses
as necessary.
Urban Disguise 40 V2.0 Shoulder Bag
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