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Manfrotto Professional Bags
are your new trustworthy as-
sistant. Our reputation in the Imaging Accessories Market is
second to none and we are the undisputed market leader in
the tripod market. It is now our mission to offer our family of
users a new innovative bag product range, with superior tech-
nology, higher protection and an exclusive style attitude.
All the bags are designed around the needs of the photogra-
pher on the go, to protect his investment, featuring unique
protection technologies inside and outside:
• Camera Protection System (CPS) around the core to protect
the most precious lens assets.
• Front shield and bottom legs to protect from accidental hits.
• Great care for usability and details, design in line with
Manfrotto’s best tripods.
• Designed to become a work station on the ground while
Manfrotto Professional Bags have been rigorously tested
in extreme simulated conditions compared to other leading
brands and found to be the most protective.
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