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Studio is the photo application with the longest tradition. No other brand can understand or match Studio needs better that Manfrotto with our extensive experience in the field.
The Studio Collection has never been so complete and comprehensive- thanks to the newly introduced paper background and supports, combined with photo supports, lighting
and camera stands and ceiling structures-to offer a full kit to any studio set-up.
In 40 years of cooperation with photographers and videographers
of varied nationalities and levels of skill, Manfrotto developed the
market’s most complete range of products. Manfrotto has always
strived to offer the ideal solutions to enable our customers to take
that special shot exactly as they imagined. For this reason, the range
includes not only photo supports, but also video, studio, lighting
supports and a vast number of versatile accessories, that combined
together, can generate an incredible range of combinations and
solutions. Within this unique “tool-box” our customers can always
find the right support to their imagination, whatever the application
or situation. This section includes a special selection of popular
collections of products and accessories- that combined together, offer
a fully integrated solution that is unique to Manfrotto.
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