Manfrotto Camera Supports - page 74

Thanks to its extensive experience in the photographic world,
Manfrotto has developed a wide range of accessories to support and
expand the possibilities of tripod-head combinations. The result is a
complete solution system, supporting the photographer’s needs in
any situation.
By using Manfrotto’s accessories it’s possible to add new
functionalities to your equipment, allowing you to take incredible shots
that would otherwise be too difficult.
All the accessories allow you to tailor the equipment to any
specific application, increasing shooting capabilities and comfort
of use. Any photographer can find the right accessory to upgrade
their equipment and use it in new challenging situations and
environments. Among Manfrotto’s accessories it is possible to
choose the right additions to tripods, heads, monopods, and
cameras together with special carrying solutions to transport your
equipment with the highest level of comfort and safety.
A complete set of accessories to make your tripod more stable in any environment or on any surface, to increase versatility in order to take
shots in more unusual and complex positions, and to create more precision. Every item has been designed to enhance the possibilities of
shooting and to fix real problems in testing situations.
A wide variety to expand the potentiality of your head making your shooting experience more effective and enjoyable.
Specific adapters and plates are included to make your head more precise, versatile and quick to use.
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