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The new Manfrotto Befree tripod has been specifically designed to maximize compactness and portability with no compromise on sturdiness and
image quality. Befree is the perfect travel companion, it fits easily into backpacks and carry-on luggage for perfect portability.
Developed from the experience of the 190, the 290 is the ideal tool to develop your skill and passion for photography and video.
Some key features like the professional aluminum and adjustable leg locks for unsurpassed stability, and anti-rotation columns akin
to pro tripods for great accuracy, are unique for this support category. Thanks to highly durable materials, sturdy construction, advanced
settings and removable head for future upgrades, the 290 is excellent value and an investment to serve you well over a long time.
The tripods in the series comes in various popular sizes and kits.
A tiny mini tripod perfect for a number of applications. Fits in your pocket or in its own belt-loop carrying pouch (available as an accessory) and
sets up in seconds to provide a stable shooting platform that can be used virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoor.
Besides the tripod, the monopod is the best way to hold a camera in situations where space is limited, the quantity and weight of the equipment
carried on location needs to be kept to a minimum, or set-up speed is needed. Correctly handled, the monopod supplies all the camera support
you are likely to need even for long lenses. Because monopods are an important part of every photographer’s support equipment, Manfrotto’s
monopod range includes many different models, considering different materials(carbon fibre or aluminium), number of sections, payload, locking
technology, max height, compactness.
The Compact series is the most intuitive and portable range of supports in the market. Each model in the series is devoted to those that are
approaching photography for the rst time and need a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use support to express their creativity to the fullest. The
Compact range includes three different models Compact Light, Action, Advanced each of which have a number of unique features that perfectly fit
different user needs and cameras to ensure a great photographic experience at every level.
KLYP+ is the brand new all-in-one photographic solution exclusively designed by Manfrotto to satisfy the needs of iPhone® users who love to
capture special moments, shooting pictures or recording videos to share with friends. Manfrotto KLYP+ has a clever and appealing design which
makes it a premium product in the wide market of iPhone® accessories. The photographic bumper is the basis of the overall KLYP+ system:
a set of three interchangeable lenses, a brand new LED light and a tripod mount. It also features an additional lanyard, able to offer maximum
safety while shooting pictures and videos and a kickstand which provides basic support to the bumper and the ability to connect with any tripod.
Thanks to this stylish, intuitive and compact range of accessories the iPhone® experience can be transformed into that of a real camera.
The brand new PIXI mini tripod series has been designed with minimal Italian styling to fit with your equipment and personality. The PIXI Series of mini
tripods are perfect for the casual photographer and are great for a number of applications. Straightforward with no complicated or confusing parts or
controls to be found, these mini tripods set up in seconds and provide a stable base for your next amazing image. Best of all, the PIXI series tripods
are lightweight and highly portable so they fit easily in your bag and they can be used virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
The Pocket series is the exclusive always-on solution from Manfrotto. Thanks to high tech solutions inherited from our pro and hobbyist ranges, the
Pocket series supports are ultra-slim and versatile and can be fixed directly under your camera without changing its silhouette. Because it will fit
into your camera bag, the Pocket is perfect for any situation where you cannot carry other supports with you. As the lightest and slimmest support
in the market, it is ideal for self-portraits, night shots and to make sure you’re in the picture together with your friends, family and surroundings.
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