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Manfrotto’s 3-way heads are the best choice when controlling the camera position with a good level of precision is required. The possibility to
independently control the movement in three different directions allows you to precisely set the position of the camera in all situations- when
it’s necessary to pay maximum attention to the image composition, like in Macro-Photography, Still-life, Art photography.
The Manfrotto Geared heads are the most precise heads on the market. The Manfrotto geared mechanism was the first introduced in
the market providing the best level of precision thanks to the millimetric control of the movement on each axis. They are the best option
when maximum precision is required, for example when correcting the perspective in architectural shooting or studio still-life photography.
The new photo-movie head is the best solution for the new HD DSLRs with an embedded video functionality. With a single product it is
possible to take advantage of an extraordinary Photo Head and a Fully Featured video head. The Manfrotto photo-movie head is the right
product for all those photographers utilizing the new functionalities of their video DSLR- for producing high quality multimedia photo/movie
contents using a single support, and without accepting any compromise either in photo or in video mode.
Manfrotto monopod heads are the best option to ensure your monopod has more flexibility, velocity and stability. Monopod heads increases
tilt movement, allowing a camera on a monopod to be moved in vertical direction more easily- keeping the monopod vertical and so more
stable. At the same time monopod heads allow the camera to be turned 90° to provide either vertical or horizontal shooting. This additional
movement gives more versatility to monopod users providing the best support in all situations where space is limited and they need to hold
the weight of their equipment.
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