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The Manfrotto heads range offers a wide selection of different
models to tailor the equipment according to any specific need and
application. Thanks to Manfrotto’s broad experience each model of
head is specifically designed to effectively and efficiently satisfy the
requirements of our customers, always insuring the best result.
Choosing the right head is fundamental in order to get the best results,
as well as considering the equipment used and the kind of photo you
are going to shoot. Any photographer knows how diverse shooting
situations are, varying from macro-photography to architecture, sport,
portrait, panorama and many others. Within the Manfrotto head range
you will always find the right solution to your requirements.
Although they vary in technical solutions, materials, dimensions and
payloads, all the Manfrotto heads are characterized by the same
high level of quality and innovation. Excellent materials, innovative
solutions and attention to ergonomic detail are common key aspects
to Manfrotto heads, providing not only exceptional results but a unique
shooting experience. Detail is designed to always guarantee the best
way to take the best image in any situation with any equipment.
Ball heads are the most popular heads in the range, useful for all required situations especially frequently setting the camera position and taking
multiple, different shots from different angles.
The main advantages of these heads are multi angle versatile repositioning and fast lock and unlock action. The models provided with friction
control movements can be very smooth and accurate even with heavier equipment. Furthermore, ball heads are generally more compact than
other head varieties. Manfrotto offers a wide family of ball heads with different dimensions, load capacity, materials and technical solutions-
always offering the best option to all customers, according to his specific needs and equipment used. Among the range, The Classic ball heads
are a complete collection compatible with the aluminum tripods, while the new 050’s are the ideal choice for all premium carbon fibre tripods.
Besides the traditional ball heads, Manfrotto invented the innovative joystick heads- an outstanding solution for maximum speed and superior
Manfrotto’s Panoramic heads allows you to shoot your entire surroundings by merging different shots taken at different positions, to compose
and create stunning panoramas or 3D virtual reconstruction of internal spaces and objects. Manfrotto offers a wide range of Virtual Reality -
Panoramic heads, from traditional flat or cylindrical panoramas to complete cubic and spherical views. Natural spaces and architectural projects
can be accurately and interactively visualized.
Manfrotto 2-way heads are the right choice for applications like photo/movie, birdwatching and long lenses shooting. They are the ideal tool when
a fluid, smooth and controlled movement is required. Among the Manfrotto range it is possible to choose various models with different payloads
and features, giving the right support for video cameras, and still cameras with medium/long lenses and scopes.
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