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The new 057 are the best Manfrotto pro tripods, designed to offer the best performance of stability and precision to the keen amateur and pro
user. Developed with the most modern technologies, they feature the best materials and technical solutions available in the Manfrotto collection.
The 057 comes in 4 different models with various configurations of height and column, rapid or geared. Ideal for outdoor, studio and architectural
applications, it is extremely versatile, ultra stable and incorporates many different settings. The 057 features the ground level system and a smart
friction control for the column.
Rugged, tough and strong- the Studio tripod range is ideal for studio and indoor applications. It has been developed to stabilize the extra loads
associated with large equipment and to guarantee maximum precision. Each tripod has a geared center column with a “non-rollback” mechanism.
The top spider is in reinforced die cast aluminum and the legs are stabilized by an adjustable mid level spreader. With a wide range of sizes and
weights the Manfrotto Studio family meets the needs of all the professional and advanced photographers.
The 055 is our best-known and most successful tripod for professional photographers; this latest redesign continues to build on the range’s
heritage, but improves its performance in terms of stiffness and strength and also makes it faster to set-up, easier to use, and more versatile than
ever. The 055 is available in 3- and 4-section models, in both aluminium and carbon fibre. Kits are available, matching the tripods with either a
versatile ball head, or our new X-PRO 3-Way Head.
At the heart of the Neotec series lies the innovative Neotec Patent Pending rapid opening and closing Mechanism that enables an ideal set-up and
closing operation of a tripod. Neotec tripods and monopods can be opened by simply pulling leg sections outward, and inwards by simply pressing
a button and pushing the sections closed. This unique high-tech concept allows an amazingly fast tripod set up and quick length adjustment, and
is particularly remarkable in the monopod. Neotec is ideal for applications where the speed of set-up is essential to capture the right moment, for
instance sport or wildlife.
The new 190 is a unique tripod that holds compactness and more transportability together with incredible stiffness. Aimed mainly to hobbyists,
it offers ultra-versatile settings that make it easier to release the imagination and creativity of every photographer. The 190 model is Manfrotto’s
most popular tripod and has become the “pivot” for all the photo-supports range. The 190 is available in 3- and 4-section models, in both
aluminium and carbon fibre. Kits are available, matching the tripods with either a versatile ball head, or our new X-PRO 3-Way Head.
Manfrotto’s mission is to develop specific ranges of supports for the
particular needs of all customers- taking into account different levels
of skill and varied ambitions in photography. Every series has specific
characteristics and intended applications, with products differing for
every level of performance, features and complexity.
However, all of the products share the Manfrotto attitude: to offer
no more than the necessary features, so as not to add unnecessary
complexity and always providing the highest level of quality.
This approach is very unique to Manfrotto, in a market that typically
wants to offer everything to everyone at the lowest possible, good
enough quality. Manfrotto’s approach is clearly visible through its
technical solutions and materials derived from experience in the
professional market which is then filtered down to the hobbyist and
entry-level ranges.
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