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For many years Manfrotto has been the market leader in professional
and hobbyist photographic supports. Our position as market leader
along with our constant product innovation has helped to guide the
market through the frequent changes in camera technology.
The last 5 years has been a period of immense change in the camera
market. We have witnessed the meteoric rise of the smartphone
and tablet as photographic devices which, in turn, has triggered a
decrease in the popular compact camera market. Alongside we have
also seen the emergence of the Compact System Camera (CSC)
which tries to combine the quality and flexibility of the DSLR with size
of the compact camera.
As a result of all these changes there are more people than ever taking
photos and becoming enthusiastic about photography.
All of these people are using a hugely diverse range of equipment.
The nature of these new users means they have differing needs to the
traditional photographic consumer. They need accessories that suit
their connected, fast moving lifestyles. Instead of absolute precision
and expensive materials, they are more concerned with portability,
intuitive design and individual style. For them, photography is a way to
enhance, record and share their experiences and as always, Manfrotto,
is ready to provide solutions which help them achieve that goal. By
leveraging our wealth of experience in professional photographic
accessories we are able to deliver innovative, high-quality products to
support your photography. Whether you are using a high-end CSC or
a smartphone, our products are second to none and will help you to
take great images, whatever your level.
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