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Magnesium is a light metal, with two thirds the density of aluminum. It’s a good
material for having good mechanical properties reducing the weight in medium
volume components and parts.
One of the most popular materials for light weight structures. The Manfrotto’s alu-
minum is selected with the highest quality criteria in order to provide the required
performance in terms of reliability, lightness and stability.
The polymeric parts of the Manfrotto products are made with the highest quality
standards for providing the required mechanical resistance and reliability.
Diameter of leg 3 sections
Two of the most important parameters
affecting dimensions and performances.
Diameter of leg 4 sections
Diameter of leg 5 sections
Hydro technology
Manfrotto’s hydraulic mechanism for having the best locking system on ball heads.
Using the hydrostatic laws, Manfrotto has designed a very efficient system
for loads up to 16kg/35.3lb. With a fingertip control, the camera can be locked in a
secure position giving the impression it has become a single fixed object with the head.
Geared column
The control system for safely moving
heavy loads on professional tripods.
Low angle adapter
The useful accessory for reducing
the minimum height of the tripod.
Leveling bubble
The basic but essential way to place your
tripod/head system in the right position.
Quick release
The head plate allows to quickly fix and release
the camera without risks of vibration or slipping.
Ball friction
The friction of the ball head can be adjusted
to safely control the camera movement.
An innovative composite tube derived from Manfrotto’s experience in professional tripod construction.
It uses optimized fiber angles to provide consistent advantages over aluminum tubing in terms of
rigidity, lightness and stability.
Carbon Fiber
Manfrotto’s carbon fiber tubes reach the highest quality standards and performance.
They provide an outstanding rigidity and lightness.
Carbon fiber tubes can be produced with very different processes, generating products with
different levels of quality.
Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fiber and the pull
winding technology. This production process is able to maximize performance, resistance
and reliability.
Leveling FLAT BASE
Leveling flat base with 3/8” screw
+ extendible center column.
Universal tripod connector
A standard 1/4” thread to attach any tripod.
Geared heads are the most accurate 3-way heads in the market thanks to a slow and precise movement.
In order to avoid being too slow in some instances, the heads feature the Relief&Control System
that allows you to tempoararly disingage the gears for an ultra-fast repositioning.
A special selector to change the head configuration from Photo to Movie mode.
By operating the selector the head completely changes its beahaviour and it guarantees
the best funtionalities of the two shooting modes- like having two heads in one.
On a perfectly leveled tripod photographers look for a perfectly vertical 90° portrait position.
On a not perfectly leveled tripod a portrait position with a wider 105° movement is desiderable.
With the unique 90°-105° portrait angle selector photograpers have both options in a single head.
Micro adjustment
Geared system for a very fine
adjustment of the camera position.
Universal cold-shoe mount
A standard female shoe to mount your light.
Counterbalance spring
Special springs can be used inside heads in order
to handle more comfortably heavier camera loads.
These springs can be turned off in case normal operation is required.
Neotec technology
The innovative Manfrotto technology to quickly set up and
close the tripod legs without using levers or knobs.
The patent pending retractable levers can be extended
when needed, ensuring compactness when not in use.
The friction controls help the user to balance the weight of camera equipment allowing
fine framing adjustments when the locking knobs are open.
Fluid cartridge
The system for having smooth and regular movements when using video cameras.
A special fluid cartridge is used in order to avoid direct friction between surfaces,
providing better control and constant movements.
A required technology for heads and monopods coupled with video cameras.
The Quick Power Lock levers provide extreme locking grip and can be released
with one hand and a single movement, drastically reducing set up time.
The horizontal column mechanism, hidden in the top casting, allows
the tripod to smoothly reach, with one-finger operation, whatever
camera position you have in mind.
The attachment in the top casting allows the tripod to expand the shoo-
ting holding accessories, and turning it into a mobile studio.
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