Canon EOS 7D Mark II Brochure - page 8-9

An array of custom controls and menu options are available,
including several featured for the first time on an EOS camera.
AF shooting functions can be tailored to the preferences of
exposure controls and more. Features and options that were
once embedded in menus can be accessed by a touch of a
button with the new AF select lever that’s easily accessible
during shooting.
The Intelligent Viewfinder II displays approximately 100% of
the composition and can show a range of settings around the
image or superimposed over top for reviewing while shooting.
The display is also customizable through the camera’s user
interface. A high-resolution 3.0-inch Clear View II LCD monitor
with approximately 1.04 million dots is bright and sharp for
convenient viewing. Composition and review is tailored to the
user with scalable fonts. The monitor’s improved low reflection,
high contrast surface, and scratch-resistant glass with an
anti-smudge coating ensure bright, crisp and easy review.
With a new magnesium alloy chassis, the EOS 7D Mark II is
both strong and comfortable to hold, and has impressive
dust and water resistance. It features a new, rugged shutter
designed for up to 200,000 cycles that incorporates both a
newly designed and more
efficient shutter drive
motor, plus a vibration
dampened mirror
drive for faster action.
Time-lapse fixed-point shooting and long exposures are
possible without the need for a remote control. The
EOS 7D Mark II’s interval timer takes from 1 to 99 shots at
preselected intervals, while the bulb timer keeps the
shutter open for a designated amount of time. These
built-in features make it simple, easy and convenient to
achieve creative imagery without the need to purchase
additional accessories.
and UTC time. It also has a Time Sync Function and a digital
compass that records the camera’s orientation when
shooting. This feature is especially beneficial for users who
shoot nature and travel photography.
Diverse Range of Lenses for a
Variety of Creative Expression
Improved Custom Control
Approximately 100% Coverage Viewfinder
& 3.0-inch Clear View II LCD monitor
Built-in Interval & Bulb timer
Rugged Construction
Built-in GPS
Bulb timer shooting
Compatible with Canon’s amazing collection of EF and EF-S
lenses, the EOS 7D Mark II provides an incredibly wide range
of creative opportunities for both still image and Full HD
Video capture. For users who enjoy shooting Full HD video,
the EOS 7D Mark II works brilliantly with Canon’s STM lenses.
STM lenses feature built-in stepping motors that enable
smoother and quieter AF than many traditional lenses.
These lenses are virtually silent for video shooting, leaving
minimally distracting AF operation sounds on recordings.
Refined Design for Better Control
Movie Servo AF with Customization
Taking advantage of its Dual Pixel CMOS AF capabilities,
the EOS 7D Mark II has a new customizable Movie Servo AF
system. AF points, AF speed, and tracking interval can all
be manually specified and tailored to the particulars of the
subject’s actions for continuous, smooth focus transitions.
Customizable AF parameters give videographers more
creative control, and opens up opportunities to create their
videos just they way envision.
Stunning Cinematic Full HD Video
Full HD 60p Video Recording
Multiple Input / Output Options
The EOS 7D Mark II delivers refined and detailed
EOS movie image quality with Full HD 60p
(59.94 fps NTSC), and 50.00 fps (PAL), recording at ISO values
up to 16000 (Dual Pixel CMOS AF is not available when
shooting at 60p). At these frame rates, even a fast-moving
subject looks smooth in HD, as does a slow motion playback.
Shoot Full HD and send uncompressed NTSC, PAL and 24p
footage out directly using the EOS 7D Mark II’s included
HDMI port. HDMI output makes it possible to monitor
images on a large display or save image data to an external
recorder. Thanks to an audio output function, video and
sound can be recorded together to a single recorder. The
EOS 7D Mark II also has dedicated microphone and
headphone jacks for professional sound recording and
monitoring. Dual card slots for CF and SD cards are also
included, offering many options and long recording times
with automatic switching between recording media.
Canon’s revolutionary Dual Pixel CMOS AF
enables superb HD shooting with the
EOS 7D Mark II. With Dual Pixel CMOS AF, each pixel on the
camera’s sensor performs both phase-difference detection
autofocus and records light. Auto-focus is achieved quickly,
easily and smoothly thanks to phase-difference detection AF.
When used with the predictive power of Movie Servo AF,
subjects in motion are smoothly and consistently tracked –
once focus is locked, the EOS 7D Mark II stays on target!
Dual Pixel CMOS AF
Movie Servo AF speed
Adjustable 5 steps
• Standard
• Slow (1)
• Slow (2)
• Slow (3)
• Slow (4)
1,2-3,4-5,6-7 10
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